Mount Gambier mural workshops

We have just spent a week in the south east town of Mount Gambier, where I had workshops with local artists
and sewers to create a large mural for the 130th anniversary of the Mt Gambier horse racing club.


Mount Gambier is renowned for its distinctive Blue Lake, one of the three lakes within the crater of an
extinct volcano. This changes colour dramatically during the year.

Blue Lake 1997 1

One of the ladies at my workshops sewing a section of the mural depicting the Blue Lake.


This area of the south east is popular with cave divers. Cave diving has been regarded as one of the most
dangerous sports in the world and definitely not for the faint hearted.


This little “possum” I made to add to the mural. Many possums live in and around some of the ancient
sinkholes at Mt Gambier. One night John and I visited some of the possums with some nice raisin bread and
apples for treats. They are cute little buggers!